How testing culture makes us dumber and less democratic

After the murder of more Black people

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Teaching and the pursuit of blank spaces

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Despite the rhetoric, modern movements to reform schools have had a devastating effect on education

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Why content and the canon is only part of the problem

From Dead Poets Society (1989)

Racism only ever appears…as what it is not, as something other than it is. It is essentially misleading, suggesting that the underlying affective system operates only to the extent that it does not appear as such. — Jared Sexton

Why the rhetoric of “intrinsic motivation” is not enough


Hilda: My lovely, lovely castle. Our castle in the air!
Solness: On a firm foundation.

Why natural, neutral, and nothing is not enough

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I think I recently realized that for me, since going gradeless doesn’t address inequity, it leaves much to be desired. Good teaching involves meaningful feedback and the trust that students need to be heard and understood. I know we all know this, but we’re not addressing it in this context. And that feels empty to me. Grading less seems to me to be empty not because of the “less” but because of the elephant that persists in remaining nameless.

—Marian Dingle, personal communication

Join Teachers Going Gradeless on Twitter for a summer of learning

Morgan Sessions

Using an online portfolio in the gradeless classroom

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Teacher, learner, thinker. Exploring what’s possible in education.

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